Product description

BOS Calcitic Lime is a mineral mined on the West Coast near Jakobsbaai.

The following processes are followed during manufacturing of the BOS Calcitic Lime:

1. Stripping of natural topsoil and preserving the topsoil in stockpiles for later rehabilitation of the mining area.

2. Drilling & blasting of in-situ calcrete material.

3. Primary crushing of blasted aggregate/rock to a 100mm max size.

4. Secondary crushing & screening of aggregate to a minus 4mm max size, which is the final product (BOS Kalsiet).

No chemicals are being added during the abovementioned manufacturing process. The final product (BOS Kalsiet) is therefore manufactured from a totally natural product without any addition of any chemicals.

Common uses

BOS Calcite is used for agricultural purposes to neutralize the soil of acids. The BOS Calcite is a fine and soft product that makes the spreading of the product better and ensures a quicker acid neutralizing process.

Method of transport

Direct collection at our mine or delivery in truckloads of 14 – 34 tons.

Packing & MOQ

Sold in bulk per ton.


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